Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The 1983 Philadelphia 76ers

Back in the 1980's, the pair teams that most people talked nearly were the Showtime Lakers and the Larry Bird led Boston Celtics. They helped guide the NBA back to prominence by their classic rivalry, but one team that seems to make acquisition overlooked at times are the Philadelphia 76ers. Back sooner or later, the Sixers were common sights in the establish season and usually made it while far as the NBA Finals at which place they would often fall to the Lakers.

However, in 1983 the Sixers would act NBA history and cement their standing as one of the NBA's greatest teams of completely time. After suffering several post make palatable setbacks throughout the years, the 76ers started winding some heads around with some improved compete and with the acquisition of All Star center, Moses Malone, who was known with a view to incredible rebounding ability, especially on the saucy end.

Led by Julius Erving, Maurice Cheeks, Bobby Jones, Andrew Toney, and Moses Malone, the 76ers would dominate the regular season by positing 65 wins. To this set time, this record still stands as the support most regular season wins in the recital of the franchise. Moses Malone was named the fixed season MVP and when he was asked the agency of reporters about how the Sixers would work in the post season, Malone gave his celebrated "fo-fo-fo" response. This meant that the Sixers would compass the competition.

However, Malone's foreboding would come somewhat come true during the time that the Sixers would easily cruise through the competition in the Easter Conference Playoffs. They would principal sweep the New Knicks, then eliminate the Milwaukee Bucks in five games, and sweeper the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers en path to winning the franchise's third NBA championship.

Even though the Sixers didn't exactly get through the "fo-fo-fo" feat that Moses Malone had boasted earlier without ceasing, their record of 12-1 muffle stands as the second greatest announce season record in NBA history. Malone would have existence named the Finals MVP while fabulous Hall of Famer, Julius Erving, had in the long run captured the one prize that had eluded him instead of so long, an NBA championship.

To this sunlight, the 1983 Philadelphia 76ers are however regarded as one of the greatest teams in NBA recital. Their historic 12-1 run in the playoffs stood in the manner that the league's all-time beyond all others record for several years until the 2001 Los Angeles Lakers team broke it by going 15-1 during the blaze abroad season. Sixers fans will always wish a special place in their hearts the sake of the dominant team that gave them in such a manner many memories all those years past.

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